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wintranslation Welcomes a New Translation Intern from Trois-Rivieres

wintranslation™ is pleased to welcome Ian Fafard, from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec to our translation department as an intern. Ian is a recent graduate of l’Université de Sherbrooke’s professional translation program. He has a particular interest for languages, computing and electronics. Having previously interned for the federal government, Ian hopes to continue his career path as a professional […]

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wintranslation Welcomes New Marketing Intern from France

wintranslation™ is pleased to welcome Khadidia TIMERA from Paris France to join our marketing department as an intern. She has a degree in International Trade and worked in different industries such as insurance and medical marketing. Previously she interned for companies in the United States and Spain. Ms. Timera speaks French, English and Spanish fluently.

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Understanding Machine Translation's Strengths

Last week, I wrote about being inspired by Kirti Vashee’s presentation on the application of statistical machine translation (MT). During this week, I had the chance to talk to several of our MT post editors about their views on editing MT output. It was very interesting to see their perspectives. Post editing raw output is […]

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Real-time Translation Enabled by Advancements in Machine Translation

It was a real delight listening to Kirti Vashee from Asia Online presenting on the ROI of Machine Translation – Scoping and Measuring MT. It took place at the most recent annual Association of Language Companies conference in New Orleans between May 16-20, 2012. Much of the today’s online content is dynamic and continuously flowing. […]

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wintranslation™ Awarded Khmer and Georgian Translation Contracts

wintranslation™ is pleased to announce today that it was awarded a Khmer and a Georgian translation contract by Public Works this week. Khmer is the official language spoken in Cambodia and Georgian is spoken in the Republic of Georgia. wintranslation supports over 70 languages and uses a peer review methodology for quality control. wintranslation is […]

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