Swampy Cree Translation Sample

Swampy Cree Translation Sample

Our translation team has experience with aboriginal languages and supports Algonquin, Cree (Plains Cree, Woods Cree, Swampy Cree, Moose Cree, East Cree), Dogrib, Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, Mik’maq, Mohawk, Montagnais, North Slavey and Ojibwe.

2013 Year In Review

2013 year in review

  We celebrated the highest revenue in the company's history in fiscal year 2013. In the midst of a federal budget cut and decreasing translation demand for the entire industry, wintranslation was able to diversify its revenue stream with our multi-language offerings and a healthy mix of private and public…

Santa Claus Around The World

Santa Claus around the World

  Santa Claus is known as the portly, joyous, white-bearded man who brings gifts to children on the night before Christmas. He is one of the main symbols of Christmas for many - but not everybody knows him by this name!   An infographic by the team at wintranslation -…