Test Your Knowlege – Numbers

Test your knowlege – Numbers

  Let’s Talk Numbers Many buildings in North America do not have this floor, as the number is considered unlucky: 13 11 7 Number 4 is considered unlucky in these countries: Egypt, Ethiopia, Algeria, Kenya China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam The well-known Italian airline company, Alitalia, doesn’t have a seat with…

Wintranslation Welcomes A New French Translator On Board

wintranslation welcomes a new French translator on board

  wintranslation™ is pleased to welcome Elsa Jamet, our new intern from the Master’s program in Translation and Terminology from Laval University. A native of France, Elsa moved to Canada a year ago. Her mother tongue is French, and she speaks English and Italian fluently. She also has a basic Spanish and…