More Aboriginal Languages!

More Aboriginal Languages!

  We are offering translation service in more aboriginal languages now, thanks to Melanie Malo, our recruitment intern. She has successfully completed her practicum placement at wintranslation last week. Melanie is a French into English translation student from the University of Ottawa’s School of Translation. Melanie took on the task…

Celebrating Our 17th Year In Business

Celebrating our 17th year in business

  Seventeen years ago on June 8th, 1998, as a frustrated 23 year old with a Master’s in Communications who couldn't find a job in my field, I decided to give entrepreneurism a try. I hung up a homemade sign on the door of my downtown apartment and registered a…

Test Your Knowlege – Numbers

Test your knowlege – Numbers

  Let’s Talk Numbers Many buildings in North America do not have this floor, as the number is considered unlucky: 13 11 7 Number 4 is considered unlucky in these countries: Egypt, Ethiopia, Algeria, Kenya China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam The well-known Italian airline company, Alitalia, doesn’t have a seat with…