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Natural Resource Defense Council Selects wintranslation for Mandarin Chinese Translation

Over the summer months, the wintranslationtm team has recently been busy with many new and exciting projects! We have two projects in particular we’d like to share today. First, we were chosen by the Natural Resource Defense Council for translation of documents from English into Simplified Chinese. The NRDC is an environmental protection charity located in […]

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OnAugust 13, 2013, posted in: News by

wintranslation Chosen for Inuinnuqtun Translation Project

wintranslationtm has recently been selected by the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board to perform English into Inuinnaqtun translation services for several large business reports. The NWMB is in place to conserve wildlife (and wildlife habitat) for the long-term benefit of all Nunavut residents while fully respecting Inuit harvesting rights and priorities.  We are happy to offer translation […]

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OnJuly 26, 2013, posted in: News by

wintranslation Awarded Romanian Translation Contract

This week wintranslationtm was awarded a new contract from the Government of Canada to provide Romanian translation services.  While there are over 10 languages commonly spoken in Romania, Romanian is the only official language of the country with close to 24 million native speakers. Based in Ottawa, wintranslation is one of the largest and most diverse companies […]

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OnJuly 5, 2013, posted in: News by

Welcoming Our Newest Clients

wintranslation™ is happy to welcome three new companies to our ever-growing list of clientele! Physical & Health Education Canada recently chose wintranslation to complete English to Canadian French translation for several of their documents. PHE Canada has been promoting the benefits of living healthy, physically active lives in Canada for over 75 years. wintranslation has […]

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OnJune 14, 2013, posted in: News by

Multilingual DTP tips

Measure twice, cut once This well known expression seems to apply to so many things, even when it’s about translation and typesetting.  If you’re looking to translate your brochures, manuals or other documents and plan to do the typesetting in-house, make sure you do some “measuring” first. So, make sure you have all these items […]

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OnJune 12, 2013, posted in: Articles, Foreign Language Typesetting by