My Take On The Unconference

My Take on the Unconference

  Written by Huiping Iler Originally published on The Association of Language Companies (ALC) Blog Isn’t a retreat just for fun? The Unconference in Carmel was essentially a retreat for translation company owners. But why is so great to have a retreat? – I mean the food and ocean views…

Test Your Knowledge-Colours

Test Your Knowledge-Colours

“Red Army” was the name of the national army of this country: China Soviet Union Vietnam In China, paper and envelopes in this colour are used for wrapping gifts and money: Red Yellow Green Symbolic colour of Ireland: Red Yellow Green Traditional colour of Islam: Red Yellow Green International sign…

Fun Valentine’s Day Facts From Around The World!

Fun Valentine’s Day Facts From Around the World!

+ Free Valentine’s Day Cards in Different Languages! Finland In Finland Valentine’s Day is less about romance and more about friendship. February 14th is actually called Ystävänpäivä which in Finnish means “Friend's day”. Rather than focusing only on a “significant other”, most people spend time with their friends and exchange cards and gifts with each…