News Release: wintranslation Expands Aboriginal Languages Unit

OTTAWA- Leading Canadian translation company wintranslation has appointed Jillian Morgan as Lead of its growing Aboriginal Translation Unit. Her appointment is wintranslation’s latest step to meet the rising demand for Aboriginal language translations. Morgan, who grew up speaking Mohawk and appreciates the cultural significance of preserving Aboriginal languages, will be tasked with creating connections with […]

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Why You Need To Do Translations For Charities

Let’s face it: it’s a big, scary world out there. Today’s society is faced with many issues from poverty to environmental issues to education. But it’s not all bad! If you think about it, the good often outweighs the bad. There are organizations and people whose purpose is to make this world a better place; […]

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How To Know If Your Document Is Ready for Translation

So you’ve decided to translate your content? Congratulations! But is your project really ready to be translated? Time to find out! No, we don’t mean is it attached to your email (but you should double check just to be safe). Preparing your project for translation can save you time, money, and many headaches down the road. Here are […]

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A Brief History of Translation – International Translation Day

September 30th is International Translation Day! Translation has a long and varied history, stretching as far back as the creation of the Rosetta Stone in 196 B.C. International Translation Day itself is celebrated every year on the feast of Saint Jerome, the first to translate the Bible into Latin and the patron saint of translators. […]

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The Franco-Ontarian Fight

Most people know that Canada has two official languages; French and English. A lot of people even know that a lot of this French speaking population is located in the province of Québec. All this is true. However, what is often forgotten or unknown is that the French speaking population extends far beyond La Belle […]

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