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13 Superstitions From Around the Globe

For many, Friday the 13th can be a scary day filled with bad luck. So much so that psychologists have come up with a word to describe the fear of Friday the 13th: paraskavedekatriaphobia. Now we just have to get over our fear of pronouncing it. On this Friday the 13th we braved it and compiled […]

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It’s a Win-Win-Win Situation!

At wintranslation, we’ve made it a habit to give back to the community as much as possible, and in the ways we know best. In the past, we’ve done many volunteer translations for some great non-profit organizations. And this is one habit we’re not ready to kick just yet–or ever! This is why we have […]

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wintranslation’s 2016 Year In Review

We beat you to it, didn’t we? Yep, before we unwind for the Holidays we took the time to assess our past year! The Holidays themselves are a great time for celebrations, but this year we wanted do an early look back to add even more reason to celebrate the Holidays! The more the merrier, […]

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OnDecember 30, 2016, posted in: Articles by

Stay On Good Terms With Terminology Management

Remember that time you found a terrible mistake on a product package? Or that advertisement that didn’t make much sense? What about those product instructions that were confusing and hard to follow? It probably gave you a bad first impression of that product or brand, right? The perceived quality of a product is largely dependent […]

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News Release: wintranslation Sharing Expertise About Indigenous Language Translations at U of Ottawa Conference

NOVEMBER 11th, 2016 OTTAWA- wintranslation project manager Azaëlle Elliott-Bouchard will share her expertise on the growing demand for, and inherent challenges of Indigenous language translation at the International Conference in Translation Studies. Organized by the University of Ottawa’s School of Translation and Interpretation, the conference is being held on November 11-12. With wintranslation specializing in Indigenous […]

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