New Translation Services in Aboriginal Languages

In our continued efforts to provide translation services in all of Canada’s aboriginal languages, we are pleased to announce that wintranslation now offers English to Malecite-Passamaquoddy and English to Innu-Aimun translation. Malicite-Passamaquoddy is one of the languages in the Algonquin language family which is spoken by a small population of people located in New Brunswick in Canada and […]

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Lessons in Language: Mohawk

One of our recently completed projects involved the English to Mohawk translation of some basic words and phrases for educational purposes. This client also needed an interlinear translation, meaning they would require a break down of each word to show which parts of the Mohawk text corresponded to the original English. One of our skilled Mohawk […]

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wintranslation Completes Dene Translation Project

Over the past week the wintranslation™ team has been hard at work completing an English into Dene translation project for Public Works and Government Services Canada. Dene (also known as Denesuline or Chipewyan) is one of Canada’s many aboriginal languages and has over 12,000 speakers who live mainly in parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta. This […]

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More Aboriginal Languages!

We are offering translation service in more aboriginal languages now, thanks to Melanie Malo, our recruitment intern. She has successfully completed her practicum placement at wintranslation last week. Melanie is a French into English translation student from the University of Ottawa’s School of Translation. Melanie took on the task of recruiting specialized translators during her […]

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Celebrating our 17th year in business

Seventeen years ago on June 8th, 1998, as a frustrated 23 year old with a Master’s in Communications who couldn’t find a job in my field, I decided to give entrepreneurism a try. I hung up a homemade sign on the door of my downtown apartment and registered a business. I had previously worked part-time […]

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