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The Nuu-chah-nulth language is part of the Wakashan language family, related to Nitinaht and Makah, and is primarily spoken in British Columbia. Particularly, it is used by the Nuu-chah-nulth peoples who live on the west coast of Vancouver Island, from Barkley Sound to Quatsino Sound.

Nuu-chah-nulth has 12 different dialects, each named after the First Nations that speak the dialect:

  • Ahousaht
  • Ehattesaht (aka Ehattisaht)
  • Hesquiat
  • Kyuquot
  • Mowachaht
  • Nuchatlaht
  • Ohiaht
  • Clayoquot (also known as Tla.o.qui.aht)
  • Toquaht
  • Tseshaht (aka Sheshaht)
  • Uchuklesaht (also known as Uchucklesaht)
  • Ucluelet

What do I need to know about Aboriginal Languages?

I had a great experience working with WinTranslation. I called first to get an idea of what specific Indigenous dialect I would need translation into based on my program's region and they were very helpful. I received a quick response back on my request for a quote and prompt and polite service throughout the entire interaction. In addition, receipt of my e-mail was acknowledged in a timely manner even though my consultant was out of the office for the afternoon which helped to put my mind at ease.
Rebekah Wilson
Federation of Canadian Municipalities

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