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An award-winning translation service provider based in North America, wintranslation has a fifteen year track record in managing complex multimedia and large-scale projects on time and on budget. Our company specializes in the translation of Canada’s aboriginal languages including CreeInuktitutInuinnaqtun, and Mohawk. Please see our languages page for a full list of languages.

Only working with highly qualified translators with subject area expertise, wintranslation employs a multi-step quality control process which includes a peer review evaluation to ensure the highest level of service quality. Our terminology and translation memory management service helps our clients centralize their linguistic assets.

Michif Language

Michif is the language spoken by the Métis people who mainly live in the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. There are also some communities which speak the language in the US state of North Dakota. There are a very small number of speakers remaining today with an estimated 730 speakers as of 2011.

The Michif language is unique in that is has borrowed phrases, morphology and lexicon from many languages including the Métis French, Plains Cree, English and Ojibwe.

wintranslation is proud to offer Michif into English and English into Michif translation services.

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