Verba volant, scripta manent

Although it is considered to be a dead language with no native speakers, Latin is the official language of the Vatican City and the mother of modern Romance languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, etc). Latin also has a significant influence over the English language. Common terms like “Curriculum Vitae”, “Magna cum Laude” or abbreviations like e.g., etc., a.m.. are part of  the 21st century and are easily recognizable by most people.

Latin in English today:

Via – by way of
In memoriam – in memory of
Memorandum – reminder
Etc. – et cetera (and so forth)
Pro and con – for and against
a.m. – ante meridiem (before noon)
p.m. – post meridiem (after noon)
P.S. – post scriptum (postscript)
Census – count of citizens

However, the number of people that actually understand this language is very low, but we have the right translators, professional trained to work on a variety of texts and documents.

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