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Inuinnaqtun is an Inuit language which is mainly spoken in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut where it has an official language status. wintranslation is proud to offer Inuinnaqtun into English translation services.

What do I need to know about Indigenous Languages?

I had a great experience working with WinTranslation. I called first to get an idea of what specific Indigenous dialect I would need translation into based on my program's region and they were very helpful. I received a quick response back on my request for a quote and prompt and polite service throughout the entire interaction. In addition, receipt of my e-mail was acknowledged in a timely manner even though my consultant was out of the office for the afternoon which helped to put my mind at ease.
Rebekah Wilson
Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Summary of Qualifications for wintranslation's Inuinnaqtun Translators

Emily A.

  • Over 10 years of experience teaching the Inuinnaqtun language at the college level
  • Has performed professional English into Inuinnaqtun translation for close to ten years
  • Involved with many Aboriginal community groups in Nunavut

Mary K.

  • Acted as an English into Inuinnaqtun translator and interpreter for over 10 years
  • Has worked closely with the Nunavut Legislative Assembly and other Canadian Government department

Examples of Projects Our Translators Have Completed

10,000 Words Environmental Impact Assessment
10,000 Words Environmental Impact Assessment

About The Inuinnaqtun Dialect

Inuinnaqtun is an Indigenous Inuit language and a dialect of Inuvialuktun spoken in several Northern Canadian Artic communities. The provincial governments of both the Northwest Territories and Nunavut have recognized Inuinnaqtun as an official language and this is reflected in many provincial documents being available in English, Inuinnaqtun as well as Inuktitut.

As of 2011, the number of Inuinnaqtun speakers was 390 across both Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

 As of the 2016 census, this has grown to 675, the majority of which come from just a few communities across the Artic;

 – Cambridge Bay

– Kugluktuk

– Ulukhaktok

 While these are remote, sparsely populated communities the language and dialect is important culturally to these communities as it represents their rich heritage. With economic opportunity finding it’s way up into Cambridge Bay and Kugluktuk, wintranslation has done many environmental impact assessment translations into Inuinnaqtun as well as other dialects of Inuvialuktun.

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An award-winning translation service provider based in North America, wintranslation has a fifteen year track record in managing complex multimedia and large-scale projects on time and on budget. Our company specializes in the translation of Canada’s aboriginal languages including Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, Malecite and Ojibwe. Please see our languages page for a full list of languages.

Only working with highly qualified translators with subject area expertise, wintranslation employs a multi-step quality control process which includes a peer review evaluation to ensure the highest level of service quality. Our terminology and translation memory management service helps our clients centralize their linguistic assets.


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