Happy New Year in different languages

French: Bonne Année

German: Alles Gute für das neue Jahr

Italian: Felice Anno Nuovo

Spanish:  Féliz Año Nuevo

Russian: С Новым Годом

Portuguese: Feliz Ano Novo

Norwegian: Godt Nyttår

Bulgarian: Честита Нова Година

Serbian: Srećna Nova Godina

Danish: Godt Nytår

Romanian: Un An Nou Fericit

Felicia Bratu

Felicia Bratu is the operations manager of wintranslation, in charge of quality delivery and client satisfaction. As a veteran who has worked in many roles at the company since 2003, Felicia oversees almost every aspect of the company operations from recruitment to project management to localization engineering. She recently received certification as a Localization Project Manager as well as Post-Editing Certification for Machine Translation. Felicia holds a BSc. in Industrial Robotics from the University of Craiova, Romania.