Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas Sector Translations

Accurate translation and localization of energy and mining documents is something our team is familiar with, working with many clients in the Northern Energy sector on Environmental Assessment Reports and similar documents that require technical expertise, attention to detail and unique dialects.

Specialists in Indigenous Translations

We’ve worked with many clients in the mining and energy sectors and specifically provided comprehensive Indigenous language translations. From assisting in selecting the most suitable dialect for a specific region, to making sure all graphical elements are correctly translated we offer a comprehensive solution for mining and energy sector document translation.

Dedicated PM's

Each project, regardless of size is assigned a dedicated project manager that ensures not only that your translation is completed on time, but any consultation on specific dialect considerations.

Full Transparency

We value a fully transparent process, so you’ll know right away the full cost of your project, turnaround time and what exactly our team will produce as a finished product. 

Graphics, Diagrams, Layouts

With our desktop publishing and layout experience, we can provide a comprehensive translation that maintains the visual integrity of your documents without distorting images.

Mining & Energy Documents vs Other Documents

Many of the energy and mining sector documents we’ve worked on have had graphics such as maps and diagrams – even specific names of animal species – that needed precise transcription. There is also the consideration that they must adhere to the same context for regulatory purposes. Our project managers work hand-in-hand with you to make sure we have the most culturally appropriate dialect and translator working on your project. Whether it is a paragraph or hundreds of pages we are equipped to handle it all.

Translation Memory For Large / Ongoing Projects

For recurring clients or those with especially large projects we use MemoQ, industry-standard software that allows translated terms to be stored and used congruently throughout longer or multiple translations. If a certain term was translated one way throughout one section of a document, it should be translated the same way in the future and we make sure that is the case for all our clients.

We've Translated Documents For The Following Clients