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Read Pen technical writers' Meetup in Ottawa

Yesterday I joined seven technical writers in a Meetup group for lunch at the Ottawa Bagel Shop. Len Fardella, owner of Peter’s New Jobs told me about this group when he heard that I want to meet more technical writers (technical writing and translation are closely related). It is a small intimate gathering of people […]

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Declining translation rates in Canada

In the last month, I have been meeting with many translators residing in the National Capital region. Almost all of them are my “competitors” who compete for government business. They usually translate from English into French (Quebec) and most of them are suppliers for the Translation Bureau. A number of them have chatted with me […]

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Translate into European Spanish or Latin American Spanish?

Spanish is the official language in 20 countries. It is spoken by 417 million people around the world (Ethnologue) and it’s the third language used online after English and Chinese. Even if it’s not an official language, Spanish is the second most used language in the United States;  95% of population speak Spanish in Puerto […]

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Children’s books into Karen by Star Bright Books

As an independent publishing company dedicated to the highest quality children books, Star Bright Books chose wintranslation™ for Karen translation and typesetting. They provided to wintranslation the English InDesign files. The final deliverable is in outlined EPS formats which turned Karen language text into high resolution graphics. See a bilingual English/Karen sample. For more information, […]

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How to Know Your Translation Project is in Capable Hands

You need to hire someone for your translation project, but you don’t know who to choose. You certainly don’t want to hire a poor translator, someone without the necessary qualifications or who does not deliver accurate translations on time. Any one of these scenarios could spell disaster in both time and money for your company. […]

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On September 22, 2011, posted in: Translation Articles by