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Why French Language Can Look So Weird

March 20th is the « Journée internationale de la francophonie », or “International Francophonie Day.” What better way to kick-off the celebrations than by demystifying a couple things about French language that can look strange or bizarre to someone who doesn’t speak French. Often times, we’ll get translation requests from clients who are not familiar with the language […]

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How To Know If Your Document Is Ready for Translation

So you’ve decided to translate your content? Congratulations! But is your project really ready to be translated? Time to find out! No, we don’t mean is it attached to your email (but you should double check just to be safe). Preparing your project for translation can save you time, money, and many headaches down the road. Here are […]

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A Brief History of Translation – International Translation Day

September 30th is International Translation Day! Translation has a long and varied history, stretching as far back as the creation of the Rosetta Stone in 196 B.C. International Translation Day itself is celebrated every year on the feast of Saint Jerome, the first to translate the Bible into Latin and the patron saint of translators. […]

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A Flare Affaire

MadCap FlareTM projects contain a collection of files used to create online help and PDF documentation for software applications. Beside the innocent-looking HTML project files, there is plenty hidden in the other project files:  HTML and XML tags, cross-reference links, variables, and snippets. Confusing? Well, there is more. In software-related documentation, we also find specific terms, […]

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Free Online Translation Tools: Is Free Always Better?

In today’s society of high demand for fast and cheap products and services, many people turn to free online translation tools because they are just that–fast and cheap! They are available for free because they are automated translations. They work by drawing on large databases of previously translated words which are programmed with algorithms in […]

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