The Words Of Wicked Women Around The World

The Words of Wicked Women Around the World

  As a women-owned and operated business, wintranslation holds today’s celebrations close to its heart and would like to wish women all around the world a very Happy International Women’s Day! International Women’s Day continues to be celebrated on March 8th every year to commemorate the movement for women’s rights.…

13 Superstitions From Around The Globe

13 Superstitions From Around the Globe

  For many, Friday the 13th can be a scary day filled with bad luck. So much so that psychologists have come up with a word to describe the fear of Friday the 13th: paraskavedekatriaphobia. Now we just have to get over our fear of pronouncing it. On this Friday the…

It’s A Win-Win-Win Situation!

It’s a Win-Win-Win Situation!

  At wintranslation, we’ve made it a habit to give back to the community as much as possible, and in the ways we know best. In the past, we’ve done many volunteer translations for some great non-profit organizations. And this is one habit we’re not ready to kick just yet--or…