wintranslation staff members achieve certification in terminology management

Huiping Iler and Sandra Bologna of wintranslation™ have recently completed the course requirements and exam of the International Network for Terminology (TermNet). They are now recognized as certified terminology managers by the the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA). Huiping Iler is also a Certified Localization Professional by the Localization Institute. wintranslation’s project management team […]

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Children’s books into Karen by Star Bright Books

As an independent publishing company dedicated to the highest quality children books, Star Bright Books chose wintranslation™ for Karen translation and typesetting. They provided to wintranslation the English InDesign files. The final deliverable is in outlined EPS formats which turned Karen language text into high resolution graphics. See a bilingual English/Karen sample. For more information, […]

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How to Know Your Translation Project is in Capable Hands

You need to hire someone for your translation project, but you don’t know who to choose. You certainly don’t want to hire a poor translator, someone without the necessary qualifications or who does not deliver accurate translations on time. Any one of these scenarios could spell disaster in both time and money for your company. […]

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Cultural Considerations in Business

The degree to which cultural awareness plays into a company’s international marketing strategy can determine its success or failure – and yet it’s often overlooked. Ignoring culture can alienate potential business, which is why it should impact the decisions you make, interactions with customers, advertising strategies and website localization . So what is culture? It’s […]

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wintranslation is offering Search Marketing Localization

Search marketing localization is an important component of any international online marketing campaign.  Reaching your target audience in their native language is critical.  Often, word for word translation of a paid search advertisement or an organic landing page isn’t enough – linguistic and cultural adaptations are needed. For that reason, it is important to be […]

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