Multilingual DTP tips

Measure twice, cut once This well known expression seems to apply to so many things, even when it's about translation and typesetting.  If you’re looking to translate your brochures, manuals or other documents and plan to do the typesetting in-house, make sure you do some "measuring" first. So, make sure…

Special Scripts In Desktop Publishing

Special scripts in desktop publishing

Now that most of the desktop publishing applications support Unicode, typesetting multilingual documents is easier and some typesetters can do it without too much effort. Professional desktop publishers are now able to place Chinese, or Korean, or Amharic text into InDesign or QuarkXPress, even if they do not have the specific language versions or understand the language.

Punctuation by Languages

Being born in Eastern Europe, about two countries North of Greece, I thought that Greek language and alphabet can’t surprise me too much. I knew that the Greek alphabet was a special one, but I didn’t expect the punctuation to be so different (compared to what European and American countries are currently using).
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