Fun Valentine’s Day Facts From Around The World!

Fun Valentine’s Day Facts From Around the World!

+ Free Valentine’s Day Cards in Different Languages! Finland In Finland Valentine’s Day is less about romance and more about friendship. February 14th is actually called Ystävänpäivä which in Finnish means “Friend's day”. Rather than focusing only on a “significant other”, most people spend time with their friends and exchange cards and gifts with each…

December: A Month Of Celebrations!

December: A Month of Celebrations!

The “Other” December Holidays We often tend to associate the month of December with Christmas, and all the traditions that surround it. With the exception of Hannukah, many of us probably cannot name even one other holiday that takes place in December! This is in spite of the fact that…

The Diversity Guide For Holiday Greetings

The Diversity Guide for Holiday Greetings

Spreading the “Holiday Cheer”? Many of us are accustomed to this time of year being deemed the “holiday season”-- viewed as a time of celebration, gift-giving and spending time with family. In addition to Christmas, many people celebrate other year-end holidays around this time, such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Then…