News Release: wintranslation Sharing Expertise About Indigenous Language Translations at U of Ottawa Conference

NOVEMBER 11th, 2016 OTTAWA- wintranslation project manager Azaëlle Elliott-Bouchard will share her expertise on the growing demand for, and inherent challenges of Indigenous language translation at the International Conference in Translation Studies. Organized by the University of Ottawa’s School of Translation and Interpretation, the conference is being held on November 11-12. With wintranslation specializing in Indigenous […]

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News Release: wintranslation Expands Aboriginal Languages Unit

OTTAWA- Leading Canadian translation company wintranslation has appointed Jillian Morgan as Lead of its growing Aboriginal Translation Unit. Her appointment is wintranslation’s latest step to meet the rising demand for Aboriginal language translations. Morgan, who grew up speaking Mohawk and appreciates the cultural significance of preserving Aboriginal languages, will be tasked with creating connections with […]

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TED Talk: The World’s English Mania

wintranslation is a volunteer translator with TED’s Open Translation project–a global volunteer effort to subtitle TED talks and make them accessible around the world. The latest video we subtitled is Jay Walker’s TED Talk “The world’s English mania” which has over 4 million views! In his talk, Jay Walker eplains why two billion people around the […]

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“Mom what’s for dîner?”

We’ve probably all heard and said that phrase once in our life, and after hearing it you might think “dîner” refers to the similar English word “dinner” and if you’re in France you could be right. But if you’re in a different French speaking country you’d be wrong, the English equivalent for “dîner” would be […]

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2015 Year In Review

Research shows that self-reflection is critical for self-improvement. Once a year, as a company, we take a look back and reflect. Here are some of our highlights from 2015.   First time on the Book of Lists The 2015 edition of the Ottawa Business Journal’s Book of Lists ranked us the fifth largest translation company […]

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