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Santa Claus around the World

Santa Claus is known as the portly, joyous, white-bearded man who brings gifts to children on the night before Christmas. He is one of the main symbols of Christmas for many – but not everybody knows him by this name!   An infographic by the team at wintranslation – professional translation service  

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Multilingual DTP tips

Measure twice, cut once This well known expression seems to apply to so many things, even when it’s about translation and typesetting.  If you’re looking to translate your brochures, manuals or other documents and plan to do the typesetting in-house, make sure you do some “measuring” first. So, make sure you have all these items […]

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Without context there is no meaning

We’ve all heard our philosophy professors mention this once or twice – and it turns out they were right.  When you’re sending your material off for translation, don’t forget to provide as much context as you can – a step often overlooked. No context most often means wrong  translation, and wrong translation always means spending much […]

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Translating into Aboriginal languages?

Don’t ignore these 5 important details! Although English and French are Canada’s only official languages, there are a large number of Aboriginal languages still in use today by the Indigenous people of our country. Since many of these languages are spoken by a small population, there are some important considerations one should take when requesting […]

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Recruiting Aboriginal Language Translators in Canada

This presentation was given by one of wintranslation’s interns, Jean-René Lavallée and details the basics of how to recruit Aboriginal Language translators. Here are some of the topics the presentation covers: – Aboriginal Language Families (Eskimo-Aleut, Athabascan, Algonquin, Siouan, Iroquoian, Kutenai, Salish, Wakashan & Tsimshian) & Dialects (Cree, Ojibway, Dene, Dogrib, Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, & Mohawk) […]

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