Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Don’t forget! In 2012, the Chinese New Year starts on January 23. It’s still time to send an e card if you have friends or coworkers who celebrate this festival. Click here to select a Chinese New Year ecard, already translated in Chinese. Chinese New Year is the longest and…

2012 Multicultural Calendar

2012 multicultural calendar

You might think that Christmas is over, but not for everybody. Eastern Orthodox church celebrates Christmas on January 7. So, if you have Russian, Serbian or Ukrainian friends, co-workers, or business partners, you can still send them a Christmas card. Check the Russian translation  version from our ecards Christmas collection.…

Wintranslation’s 2011 Top 5 Achievements

wintranslation’s 2011 top 5 achievements

1. March: wintranslation launches 4 new free translation and localization related white papers 2. June: new project manager joins wintranslation’s team: Sylvie Shen - She has previously worked as a Globalization Engineering Coordinator for IBM Canada Ltd., a Localization Documentation Specialist for Cognos, an IBM Company, and a Documentation Graphic…

Happy New Year In Different Languages

Happy New Year in different languages

French: Bonne Année German: Alles Gute für das neue Jahr Italian: Felice Anno Nuovo Spanish:  Féliz Año Nuevo Russian: С Новым Годом Portuguese: Feliz Ano Novo Norwegian: Godt Nyttår Bulgarian: Честита Нова Година Serbian: Srećna Nova Godina Danish: Godt Nytår Romanian: Un An Nou Fericit